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MioCare Celebrates National Shared Lives Week

Oldham MioCare is celebrating National Shared Lives week by hosting a Shared Lives ‘Choice For All’ event to raise awareness of the scheme.

Shared Lives Week 2017 runs from 17- 25 June 2017.

This year’s national theme is Shared Lives ‘Choice For All’ to raise awareness of the Shared Lives care model which can be available for a wide range of support needs, but is not yet offered to all people who can benefit from the service.

There are 12,000 Shared Lives carers in the UK. They share their family and community life with an adult who needs support to live independently.

For some vulnerable adults Shared Lives is a vital step on the path to independence. It allows them to feel safe and secure within familiar surroundings, somewhere they know and love.

It is an option for people with learning disabilities, mental ill health, older people, and people with dementia – as well as young people in transition and many others.

Carers can choose to give support from just a few hours a week to more long term.

Over recent years, Shared Lives has out-performed other forms of social care, in terms of expansion, and it is hoped that Shared Lives Week 2017 will see this growth continue.

Shared Lives Plus, the UK Network for Shared Lives schemes and Shared Lives carers, believes that a UK wide awareness raising campaign is needed to build on the fantastic work already being undertaken locally.

Councillor Zahid Chauhan, Chair of MioCare said “This week is an excellent way for us to share the excellent work our Shared Lives carers do every day.I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our carers, they really are special people, dedicating their own time to people in need.Please come along to our week of events. Being a Shared Lives carer is a rewarding role and really does make a difference.”

Alex Fox, Chief Executive of Shared Lives Plus, the UK Network for Shared Lives and Homeshare said:  “I’m delighted to see Oldham Miocare getting involved in Shared Lives Week 2017. Our theme this year is Shared Lives Choice For All because everyone involved in Shared Lives has a choice about whom to live with. We also believe that this should be offered as a choice to everyone who could benefit.

“In Oldham Shared Lives is available to people with learning disabilities, people with mental ill health, older people with dementia and young people entering adulthood.

“Whenever someone needs support, people on their side and a place to belong, Shared Lives can be a great choice to offer them.”

There are three information sessions throughout the week for residents to find out how to get involved with this fantastic service and a celebratory event at St Anne’s Rugby Club on Thursday 22 June from 10am - 3pm. As well as information on the scheme there will be the chance to hear from existing carers and the chance to enjoy live music, raffles, games and refreshments.

For more information please contact MioCare Care & Support Shared Lives Scheme, Ena Hughes Resource Centre, Failsworth, M35 9AD. 0161 770 8777




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